Bearing a striking resemblance


Talented knitter and Meadow View resident, Linda Parks has been so taken with the comings and goings of Ascent Homes’ site manager, Mac Bell and telehandler, Simon Coates, that she decided to give them a little gift.

Taking to her knitting needles Linda set to, knitting a doll for each of them. Remarkably, Linda was able to knit the dolls with such a great amount of detail that they bore an uncanny resemblance to both Mac and Simon.

Along with husband George, they were the first residents to move in at the stunning Meadow View development in Bebside. Since then, she has watched with interest the rest of the houses being constructed.

Living close to the entrance to the site, Linda was able to observe Mac and Simon regularly as they go about their daily activities and was able to pick up on some of their traits, particularly the fact Mac is constantly on his mobile as he ensures the project stays on track. Needless to say, Mac’s doll shows him with his mobile phone in hand.

Both dolls sport hi-viz jackets and hard hats just like their human counterparts.

Moved by Linda’s generosity and impressed by her knitting skills, Mac said:

“When Linda said he had something for us I was very intrigued as to what it might be. You can imagine our surprise and delight when she handed us our dolls. When someone goes to the time and trouble to do something as special and personal as this it’s very heart warming. She also spoils the team with her delicious home baked cakes most weeks too

“We know that while construction is still underway it can be a little disruptive to new homeowners, but we work really hard to ensure that we remain as unobtrusive as possible so that they can fully enjoy their new property as soon as they move in.”

Work is ongoing to the final few properties on Meadow View, which have all been released for sale.