Green energy fuels new homes

(l to r) George Park, Claire Scott, Ascent Homes, Cllr Richard Wearmouth.

(l to r) George Park, Claire Scott, Ascent Homes, Cllr Richard Wearmouth.

Award-winning Northumberland-based house builder, Ascent Homes, has a growing reputation for developing sought-after new homes and using innovation to overcome challenges associated with the location or condition of its sites. On its current development of twenty-one 3,4 and 5-bed properties at Meadow View, Bebside, which has been constructed by the house builder’s in-house team, Ascent Homes turned to green energy technology to overcome a lack of mains gas.  

As the Government plans to introduce a ban on gas fired boilers in all new builds by 2025 to tackle emissions, Ascent Homes is clearly thinking ahead.

In a first for the developer its houses at Meadow View have been specifically designed to run off air source heat pumps to generate the energy needed to heat the properties. 

By using the Daikin Air Source Heat pump, the house builder is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also that of the homeowner, who benefits from significantly reduced energy bills.   

Speaking about adopting a green approach, Ascent Homes’ head of sales and marketing, Claire Scott, said:

“We pride ourselves on turning any negatives on site, into positives.  When it became apparent that there was no mains gas on Meadow View, which was once an agricultural site, we wanted to look for a low energy, sustainable way of heating the homes.  Clearly, heating with oil wouldn’t tick this box so along with the design team we investigated alternatives, arriving at the air source option.  

“The feedback we are getting from residents is fantastic. Whilst it is early days for the residents, given that they’ve not been in their homes for very long, the feedback we have received so far is extremely encouraging and I’m confident that we’ve made the right choice of technology. “ 

According to the air source heat pump manufacturer, 80 per cent of the energy required to heat the homes comes freely from the outside environment delivering superb energy efficiency.  

This feature, along with the high internal specification and excellent standard of workmanship has already led to 75 per cent of the development being sold. 

George and Linda Parks were the first residents to move in at Meadow View and they are not only delighted with their home they are suitably impressed by the green technology and the savings it has created for them.  Speaking about the benefits of the air source system, George said: 

“When we first saw the development at Meadow View, we knew we loved the houses and the location but were a little unsure of the Dakin systems. Our concerns were unfounded. The system is easy to use and highly efficient.  Our energy bills have dropped significantly, saving us at least £50 per quarter and that’s with the system running 24/7 at a low setting rather than on a timer.” 

Chair of Advance Northumberland, of which Ascent Homes is part, Cllr Richard Wearmouth commented: 

”Earlier this year, the Government announced that in order to reduce emissions from 2025 it was banning the installation of gas boilers on all new homes.  Ascent Homes is ahead of the curve, and the introduction of pioneering technology, such as the air source heating systems well ahead of that date, clearly demonstrates its considered approach to sustainable development, whilst thinking of the home-buyer’s pocket.  The feedback from residents like George and Linda is hugely encouraging.”

In addition to Meadow View, Ascent Homes is currently onsite at Wayside Point, Ellington and will soon commence construction of new homes in Cramlington and Blyth at Commissioners Quay, adding further to the town’s up and coming river front area.   

Elsewhere in Northumberland Ascent Homes’ development of 25 one and two-bedroom apartments at Hemingway Court in the heart of Ponteland has significantly raised the bar in apartment living in the village.