Everyday is a holiday at Wayside Point

Moving to a new home after 40 years in your previous one, is a big step to take for anyone, but it has worked out better than Joy Gair could ever have imagined. In fact, she says it’s so good, it’s like being on holiday.


After deciding it was time for a change, Joy was keen to move somewhere local because she has worked as a business adviser at an Ashington company for the last 15 years and did not want to travel too far afield.

Moving from Lynemouth, Morpeth was the first place she looked at but decided that there was too much work to do on the homes that were in her price range and, as a single lady, made the decision to look at properties that were ready to move in to.

She visited several new developments before deciding on Ascent Homes’ Wayside Point in Ellington, and The Holly, plot 81, in particular – a three-bedroom semi-detached with two parking spaces and a large garden. She says:

“The properties at Wayside Point were far superior to any of those on offer from other developers and Ascent Homes have been marvellous throughout. No matter how small the problem, they have always responded quickly, which has been very reassuring as I have never moved to a new home before.

“As soon as I entered the estate, it just had a good feel to me. It is so well laid out and there are so many different house types to choose from, there is something to suit every price range and buyer. A couple of my friends who work in construction visited me when I first moved in and they were really impressed by the high build standard.


“Because my family is grown up, I needed to down-size and even though The Holly seems very spacious with its large en suite, lovely family bathroom, utility room and cloakroom, it was a little difficult to visualise how my furniture would fit into a smaller space.

“My son advised me to just ‘take it all and then decide’, which is what I did in the end. I also looked at a couple of the show homes at Wayside Point and took some ideas from those before I set about rearranging my furniture and I am now very pleased with how it looks.

“In fact, with agreement from the sales team, I have been showing one or two people around who, like me, were down-sizing and not sure if their furniture would be suitable. I think one lady has decided to purchase a home here after seeing how the layout could work for her too. I think the three-bedroom Holly is perfect for single people, couples and small families.

“The neighbours are a friendly bunch too and make living here very special. Wayside Point has all the makings of being a great community.

“My family are delighted that I have settled in so quickly and love my new surroundings. They think I have made ‘the best choice ever’. Personally, I’m so delighted with it I feel as though I’m on holiday every day …. I can’t believe it’s mine!”

Wayside PointAndy Hutchinson