Typical 9 step Lifetime Plan for Each Development

Development Briefing


Brief to come from Ascent Homes:

This will include:

a) Site Address.

b) Build programme - how many units - and what is being build (eg: 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses).

c) Planning approved.

d) When it is likely to go live

Initial steps from incredible


a) Research the local area.

b) Look at the who we will be targetting.

Devise 3 or 4 potential names - based on the local history / area.

Pre-Launch - Coming Soon


a) Ident and development addrress to go on the 'Coming Soon' section of the website and also the enquiry form.

b) Set the development up on Mailchimp - so that it has its own 'list' here - so we can start building the data base.

c) Social ads - directed to above to build database.

d) Regular ads - directed to above.

e) Email broadcast to existing general database (general overview of what this development is)

Asset Creation


a) Brief ADs on CGI's if required - depending on property requirements. These are the team that I wanted to invite you into last year - they are simply the best.

b) Also brief them on the requirement of a flythrough.

c) Create / update floor plans for the property types.

d) Pull together local imagery.

e) Get drone footage taken (this has to be taken during the Spring / Summer months - on a clear / bright day)

f) Make sure that the SPECIFICATION is agreed

Brochure Production


Create the brochure - as a downloadable pdf.

a) Update the website - to take all the assets created within the brochure to a specific landing page for the development

b) Create the 'download' enquiry form - and link to Mailchimp.

c) Create a mailout to people who have registered interest - that the brochure and property types are now released.

d) When ready - establish the price list

e) Move the content from 'Coming Soon' to 'Current Developments'



a)) Create any hoarding that is required // Herras fencing.

b) Create the AA pointer sign artwork

c) Instruct Vasseys oir Collective - depending on the requirement



a) Email campaign

b) Social launch.

c) Launch event.

d) PR piece on launch event to local press.

e) Site photography - suggest using Site Eyes - for time lapse photography of the site coming out of the ground



a) Site photography.

b) Email campaigns.

c) Flyer / mailer - within a 5 mile radius.

PR / Social Going forward


1 Spade in the ground

2 First res

3 Half res

4 Open weekend

5 X remaining

6 All res

7 Community piece

8 First move in

9 Site complete